John's New House...

10/12/02 Photos of empty Block

19/07/03 Photos in Winter...

Construction starts....








14/1/04 The plumbing is in now...

15/1/04 The bricks have been delivered all 4992 of them....

20/1/04 Water is connected, and the spout attached.

22/1/04 No change to the outside, except I now have 6144 bricks and the doors and windows have been delivered.

23/1/04 CSR foil on outside walls, and brickies sand delivered.

30/1/04 External Aluminium Windows and Doors and Wood door frames installed.

2/2/04 Tiles, and half the bricks layed.

4/2/04 More bricks layed, and a close up of front door.

5/2/04 More bricks...

9/2/04 I have a bath and 2 shower bases now...

10/2/04 All the bricks are done, and the front door is on.

12/2/04 The water is turned on, and the bath and shower waste water pipes connected.

13/2/04 The flashing, downpipes and eaves are finished.

17/2/04 The electrician has wired the house...

18/2/04 Extra wires have been installed :)

19/2/04 The central heating has been installed, and all the excess bricks moved to the side.

23/2/04 The plaster has been delivered.

26/2/04 The stormwater pipes have been connected.

27/2/04 The plaster was being installed...


10/3/04 The gas pipe has been installed in the trench

11/3/04 The plaster has been smoothed off, the architraves and internal doors delivered.

15/3/04 The cornice has been installed.

17/3/04 All the benches, kitchen, bathroom etc have been installed, cupboards, and the internal doors.

18/3/04 The archtrave has been installed, along with the pointy things on the roof.

23/3/04 The painter has started painting the house...

1/4/04 The garage door is on, the tiles finished, and most of the painting done.

5/4/04 The painting is finished and the tiles have been delivered.

6/4/04 The central heating is finished.

23/4/04 The house is mine...

6/6/04 Photos of the big screen.

12/6/04 Photos of the finished house

17/7/04 Some plants in the front yard...

24/7/05 The verandah......